Probably Blogging Again, Boys

Every time I pick up a new edition of The Economist for a little toilet reading, I get the itch to blog. But then I get out here and the momentum of the antibloggingennui that has overwhelmed me since late summer of last year kicks in. But I think I might be ready to start blogging again, although I'm not sure if I'm going to be more English or more American in my approach. That last was my allusion to what is apparently becoming a regular quip amongst British officers in Afghanistan: "The Americans are at war; we are on operations."

Anyhoozer, I could make this post all sort of different blog flavors.

I could make it the personal sort, and mention that I can't wait to see the new Will Farrell film, Semi-Pro.

I could make it theological, and muse on the vagaries of meaning re the phrase "friendship evangelism."

I could make it political, and make the call now: McCain as presidential candidate, Huckabee as the vice-presidential, and Ron Paul as the first cabinet appointee, filling the spot of Minister of Defense. You heard it here first.

Or I could just make this post awesome, with thanks to Matthew Mekins. Check out what happens if you i'm-feeling-lucky-google "french military victories." I don't know what an albino black sheep is, but I have the feeling it would be fun to hang out with.