An Update On My Mom

Some of you already know that my mother is very ill, suffering simultaneously from three advanced forms of cancer.

Mom's physicians seem unable to bring her off the breathing machine, and have not yet woken her following her surgery on Saturday. It is very possible that mom's lungs will not recover sufficiently to ever bring her off the breathing machine. Please pray for us.

Although the blog I have mentioned to many of you was intended for mom to see, she very well might never see it. I put it live today ( and showed it to my dad. He was very pleased with it and wants to save the entire thing once it is finished. Please visit the blog and leave a comment, or even better, write me to let me know that you would like to be added to the blog. That way you can tell your story (or six stories, or whatever) at your convenience. Photos very welcome too.

Family is coming in from Florida and Oregon over the next few days. Please pray for their safe travels, and for strength for us all.