Irish Themed News

Thangs've been crazy around here the last couple of weeks. I was up in Cary, NC (Raleigh area) a couple of weekends is a row, and I brought the family up the second time.

The first weekend I went up for Jon Dion's wedding, and had the pleasure of hanging out with Larson Hicks and Chris Aberle, as well as with Larson's brother Drew, who is currently rocking some rugby in Europe.

Discovered a couple of great Irish pubs while up there with the boys. Hit Tir Na Nog, just off the NC State campus, for a great night of sitting on the couch, with conversation, whiskey, and beer. We also had lunch at The Hibernian in Cary, where I introduced the boys to Black Velvet (cider and stout, half and half; wikipedia says that's Poor Man's Black Velvet, which I'd never heard before, proving that I am a natural-born poor man), and the Hicks explained gaelic football to me.

The whole family went up to Cary this past weekend for a family conference hosted by Christ Church of Cary, which is our mother church. There was a ball (see pic below), and we saw several old friends at the conference. Good times for all.

Then we got back just in time for Joffre to fall off a slide, split his lip, and go in for surgery to keep his lip for flapping away. And I'm bragging when I say: that's one tough kid. I look forward to putting him on fields of athletic competition, because that dude can absorb some damage.

So that's the news from Swaitsville, not including job transitions and dental cavities. Peace out, etcetera.