Iceland Is Impossible

I just finished rereading the very last chapter of Chesterton's Orthodoxy for our church's men's meeting this coming week.
...a man may well be less convinced of a philosophy from four books, than from one book, one battle, one landscape, and one old friend.
As a tribute to the gift o' phrase the Gilbert Keith had, I here list every phrase from that last chapter, Authority and the Adventurer, that I think would make a good band name.

Guardian of Morality
Lost Populations
Sage or Hero
Countries in Europe
Some Tall Island
Island in the Sea
Naked Peril
Imaginary Triad
Believes In Newspapers
Medieval Darkness
Existing Chinese
Dead Pagans
Gathered In Silence
Stupid Sailors
Iceland Is Impossible
Old Mad Circle
Trick Miracles
Plato Is Dead
My Parents Kept A Cat
Felt Virginity
The Subject of Bach
Grateful Humanity
A Gayer Universe
Gigantic Secret
Solemn Supermen

You all feel free to use any of these. My gift to you. Except Iceland is Impossible. That's what I want to name my band.