Hurricane Pasta

The Swait family is currently in West Palm Beach at the in-laws' house, on vacation and digging it.

For several days when Frances and Jean (those are dread hurricanes, not dread women [as far as I know]) came through town, my in-laws were some of the only folks on their street who could cook a hot meal, since they are equipped with a gas range. Several friends came over, and although Charla (mother-in-law) and a friend followed a recipe, the name of that recipe is lost in the mists of time, and the dish made is now known as "Hurricane Pasta." And it's delish. We had it yesterday along with a fun (i.e. bold plum and currant, round and young) and inexpensive Chilean cab dramatically called Tormenta.

Hurricane Pasta is just as good whether it's hot or cold, which is convenient when one is without power. And when it's really really really hot and humid out.

I'm not going to print a recipe, since all the recipe was to Charla was an ingredient list (I'm so proud!). Toss a bunch of pitted kalamata olives (I've never tried the following, but it might work; if no kalamata olives, maybe soaking black olives in salt and wine for day, then kind of crushing them in the brine?), cooked chicken breast, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, several garlic cloves, chopped basil (which was fresh out of Charla's garden), and lots of olive oil into a wok. Fry for a bit, then toss in some just-cooked linguine. H'm, so good. And one of the nice things is, you can have some olive oil on the table, to add to the dish to taste.

I'm not a fan of sun-dried tomatoes, which are too sweet for my tastes. Otherwise, a perfect dish.