Joffre's Guava & Apple Biting Sauce

I know I've been getting foodier and foodier around here recently, but what can I say, this blog goes through phases when I go through phases. In this phase o' life I'm a-cookin'.

The ham we baked today for Thanksgiving was a little too salty, if very delicious. (I have a very high salt tolerance/love.) This is the first time we've used a cured ham, and we didn't change the water enough. So I slapped together a little dippin' sauce for the ham, and I will here share the recipe. Now, I didn't actually measure anything out, being my mother's son (also note: Brazilian recipes are very vague beasts, so I'm working in that tradition as well), but here are the guesses. Bottom line, if you decide to make it, taste and see how you want to change things.

Joffre's Guava & Apple Biting Sauce
3/4 lb. guava paste, cubed
1 cup apple sauce
1/2 cup pancake syrup (I would've used molasses & brown sugar, but we were out)
1+ cup yellow mustard
1/2 apple, finely diced

Since it will be impossible to chop the sticky guava paste finely, toss all the ingredients except for the diced apple into a food processor. Put the guava paste in gradually, since it's thick stuff and will stress your processor out. Pour results into a bowl and stir in the apple. You might also want to add more mustard.

Set aside a portion for those who want it to be truly biting, and mix in generous amounts of black pepper.

Now just put some on your plate next to the ham: yer ready fer dippin'!