We Met In A Coffee Shop, Long Ago

One's a raving Anglican tattooed patristic charismatic iconophile. The other's a raving Presbyterian bearded reformed postmillenialist. One flames. The other smolders. Both are violent. Both break easily. Each one has broken the other.

Each one loves God. Each one loves his Church. Each one loves her Dominion. That is, each one loves the world. The people, the wine, the beer, the spinach.

There have been some good dinners, some good wines, some good coffees. There have been marriages and children. There have been long nights of dominoes and beer. There have been moves. There have been long reunions involving dominoes and beer.

There have been several different kinds of embraces, each necessary, each feedful.

Nahum Beard, happy thirtieth birthday. You're older than I am.