Like a Fungus

After G. Wystan's birth, I have begun re-reading my favorite biography of The Winston. You know, scratch the itch and the eczema returns. Alas.

But, I came across this nugget which so reminded me of CPV-S (may he woo with success) that I had to post it.

The Winston would go to social events with his private secretary Eddie Marsh. He was, at the time, a shining star in Parliament and yet single and in his late twenties. His singleness might have been due to the exchanges overheard one evening as ladies were making their appearance.

"How many ships do you think she would launch?" inquired The Winston.

"Two hundred ships. Perhaps two-fifty," quoth Marsh.

"By no means, Mr. Marsh, by no means," replied C., "A small gunboat at best."

Need one really wonder why he wooed unsuccessfully? Take heed, CPV-S, when wooing, not to compare your wooed to a gunboat. Such comparisons may not be regarded highly.