It's Not All Gravy (I Hope)

I think roasting is the worst possible way to prepare meat. Some meats can only be roasted or stewed because they're so tough, but if one needn't eat those cuts, why should one? If you know what I'm sayin'.

Thick sauces and dark sauces are a mighty tool, and need to be used carefully. One wouldn't want to drown out the flavors of the base food. But gravies are a travesty. The intent is to drown out bland foods with a slightly less bland sauce. The boring meats of America receive gravy: beef roasts, pork chops, and (need I say more) turkey. A little meat juice, maybe even treated a bit, that's a good thing. But gravy...*sigh*

And if your potato is boring, maybe that's not the potato's fault. Back in the day, when you were a simple Swedish farmer in Minnesota, and all you had to eat was a bit of meat, a bit of butter, and potatoes, gravy made sense. But no longer. Throw off your shackles!