Presbyterians Together

I just found through my pastor's site. Wonderful, please visit.

Presbyterians were together at said pastor's home tonight as we gathered 'round to celebrate Felicity Sumpter's happy inclusion into our body. Wine flowed, cheeses and meats and fruits were eaten, and toasts were given.

This baptism rejoicement made me realize that I've got one coming up in a few weeks. And my only thought is "What will I wear?"

Actually, it's "Holy Cow."

Renata was given the honor of a kegger, this at Phil Bocock's house in Gainesville. Joffre didn't rate a keg, but there was plenty of wine at my parent's beautiful, now sold, old home in downtown Gainesville. This next one, George or Mara, will deserve some wine or cheese as well.

Some kids have to deal with being born too close to Christmas, and maybe losing some of the hoopla (and raw giftage) of their birthday thereby. Well, George or Mara might have to deal with a small baptism shindig. Our house will be the site of Holy Trinity Church's First Annual Saint Arnold's Battle of the Beers on September 30 (you're all invited), and there's only so much partying we'll be able to handle in September.

All readers should begin shipping cigars soonest possible, since the due date is September 4. And you men locally should count on having to ditch the wife (or comic book) for a night coming soon. Porch-sitting and cigar smoking will be required shortly after birth, and before baptism.