It's Not Warming, It's Arctic Friction

I love this. A study comes out that shows that Greenland's glaciers have been shrinking for 100 years plus. Does this mean that global warming might be a natural trend? You don't even have to give up the idea of man-made global warming, maybe it's a natural trend that man has accelerated. No, of course not, at least not according to the first sentence of a French Associated Press article:
Greenland's glaciers have been shrinking for the past century, according to a Danish study, suggesting that the ice melt is not a recent phenomenon caused by global warming.
By definition, the phrase "global warming" is a direct result of the destruction that current-modern-man is inflicting on the earth. There's no room for any other idea. So whatever "warming" is causing these glaciers to melt, it's unrelated to global warming. Hilarious.