I'm A Big Girl Now

Although both of our children can occasionally be pretty picky, they're both good eaters, always eating whatever mom and dad are eating at each meal. We are actively trying to inculcate a learnèd palate in them, so that tonight at dinner, for example, Renata was vibrating with excitement over the "spahar--spahar--spaharagus" she was enjoying.

Well, last week Renata turned three. It's time to introduce her tongue to a little more, and some tools o' food and drink. Renata and Joffre have both been occasionally enjoying coffee with cream and sugar in the evenings. They both enjoy the sweet treat very much, although the way Joffre drinks his coffee makes Kimberly worry about his future sensual moderation (she also worries about her husband, I confess). Anyway, today Renata received her first coffee press, which she was very excited about.

The look you see Renata displaying in pic #1 is pride. Pic #2 shows her in gleeful mode, obviously.

And I know you're all wondering: is Joffre giving them decaf? Well, I'm not going to answer that. I'll let you think about that one.

You can also think over that uncharitable line of thought I know just popped into your head: "Man, what a dork that Joffre guy is. I hope his kids will grow up all right. Thank God for Kimberly."

Tonight Renata approached me while I sat at the computer and told me that mom didn't want any coffee, "...'cause she's weird." I fully agreed with her, and told her so, but was curious how she'd come to that conclusion. Turns out that Kimberly confessed her weirdness to Renata, and Renata was only relaying the information to me. So I'm not the weird one.