The Whole Patting Guys Butts Thing

Ok, I'm in a major Twins kick right now. Yes, I know they just lost two to Detroit, but man! Their winning percentage since June 7 is 80%. Pretty Darn Tootin' good! Right?

And when your team does well, it invokes those special memories. Such as the nights the Twins won the World Series in 87 and 91. Those warm, very fuzzy memories. Almost as good as being slain in the spirit. Which, as an ex-pentecostal, I can testify to. Erm, no. The Twinks winning the Series was better. Well, it was less fuzzy.

So, I'm pumped. Listening to guys named Bert and Dick call games on the radio. Watching them when I can, and visiting a website called Bat-Girl to read about her Boyfriends of the Day. This is particularly true when your team is very young and you identify with their hopes and dreams. There are lots of young men on the Twins, including a young man named Mauer whose grandpa coached my little league team. Many of the Twinks have only recently been brought to the majors evoking echoes of '87, back when Grandpa Mauer was my coach at Griggs Playground.

Whilst reliving said memories and checking out BG, I came across a page which I thought was funny. Here it is. If you get it, great. If not, well, ok then.