The ACLU Is Boring

The ACLU is defending the right of that inbred little church in Kansas to picket, hateful signs and all ("Thank God for IEDs," "fags die, God laughs," "God hates fag ennablers," etc.), the funerals and memorial services of American soldiers killed abroad.

There's plenty of excellent commentary on this move out there in the aethernet, like the link above, which takes the reader to the excellent Reformed Chicks Blabbing. So I'll only write what first popped into my wee bearded head when I read the headline.

Is the ACLU not getting really boring and predictable? There it is: the ACLU is boring.

The funny thing is, there are people out there talking about how this shows that the ACLU is a principled and generally wonder-awesome-ful organization that will stand by its guns regardless of who it has to defend. First of all, I don't consider defending one's principles regardless of who is involved (who you benefit and who you hurt) admirable. (What is mercy but the breaking of principle for other considerations?) I call that "consistently self-interested". And I'm okay with that. It's just not admirable. They're protecting the same turf they've always protected, and they're fighting the same fights: destroy the laws of local communities with the hammer of federal law and non-local courts. The same old tired thing.