7/7: One Year On

Last year, you may recall, The High Post pulled out the stops to give full vent after terrorists bombed the Tube and a humble London bus (=4 International Units of Resistance to terror). (You'll have to scroll down to see our coverage; while the BBC links still work splendidly, those to specific posts of our own do not).

That day, George Justo spoke for true Londoners around the world when he said, "We will fight in our trains, we will fight in our buses but we, Londoners, will never surrender!" The flame of Churchill burns bright in breasts like his.

Now, the BBC has gone all out to give coverage to events a year after 7/7/2005
. The number of stories the BBC has given us is really tremendous. While much of the public events seem to smack of the nervous, effete handwringing that many of us fear hobbles Britain's leonine spirit today, it's nevertheless moving to read some of the survivors' memories, as well as the obituaries of the dead. And, of course, we cannot forget that despite the efforts of some members of society, Britain remains the USA's greatest ally and stoutest friend in the war against Islamist fascists.

By the way, it's well worth your while to reread some of the remarks made one year ago, here and here.

Again, original The High Post coverage here, halfway down the page.