Notes on and

If you've ever used, raise your hand.

Very good, everyone. You may now put them down.

If you've ever used, raise your hand.

The experience is a trife odd. Some parts are exactly the same as the U.S. counterpart, some are completely different. First, you will notice that the UK site has the "old" style of page header -- the menu to select books, music, etc. Then, if you place an order, you will notice that "shipping" has become "dispatch" and that you don't have a "shopping cart," you have a "shopping basket." "Open and recently shipped orders" has become "Open and recently dispatched orders."

Quaint, you might say, but not the sort of differences that, er, make a difference. Maybe; but this isn't all. I signed in using my normal email address and the same password I use for the US site, but the "recommended for you" selections are completely different from my US account. Makes one think the sites are completely separate. But then I placed an order and found that the UK site knows my credit card number and address. Rather mystifying, over all.

So go over to and have fun. It's two bookstores divided by a common language.