Mal Mot

The front page of currently says

Bin Laden tape slams West

U.S. intelligence experts believe it is Osama bin Laden on a new tape slamming the West for cutting off funds to the Palestinian Hamas-led government.
"Slams"? When the thesaurus is so full of synonyms for "vituperate"?

UPDATE: Here's some potential weirdness. A BBC article on the reception of Bin Laden's tape has a comment from "Jaromir Jagr" of the Czech Republic.
"Never has a racist, anti-Semitic fascist been given so much legitimacy and face time like Bin Laden"
Jaromir Jagr, Czech Republic

I don't know anything about Czech names, and that could be the Czech equivalent of John Smith, but wouldn't it be weird if that were the New York Rangers' own Jaromir Jagr of Kladno, Czech Republic? Of course, he should be getting ready to play the Devils, so it must not be him...