The Heart of the World

I am currently reading Paul Horgan's Conquistadors, about Spanish conquests in the northern Americas. Coincidentally, I also recently checked out from the Greer library a semi-mystery novel called Demon of the Air. It is set in 1517 Mexico, and rumors of a new people coming out of the east are flying around.

I haven't studied the Aztecs for a few years, and as at the last time, I am absolutely horrified by that people, its ruthlessness in empire, and its religion.

So despite the Dominicans and the Inquisition, and the general terrible nature of the post-Reconquista Spanish, a recurring thought this week has been, "Man, better the Spanish than the Aztecs."

Efficient brutality is chilling, and makes one wonder what human nature actually is ("Can that monster actually be human?"). Passionate, flowery, poetic brutality and oppression is horrible, and leaves no doubt what the heart of the world, and what human nature are like.