Where's The Cross?

My two-year-old daughter is slowly learning what the gospel is (and is about) through pictures and types and demonstrations.

Today I was reading a book on conquistadores in North America that had a black cross as part of the graphic on the cover. Renata pointed at that particular cross and said that it was "bad." (segue into whole 'nother discussion bypassed) Obviously desirous of heading off trouble at the pass, I told her that no, the cross/crosses were good. Just a second, I told her, and I turned to show her the cross on a familiar and well-loved object: one of our bibles. I grabbed a King James first.

No cross anywhere on it. I opened to the cover pages. Renata opined, "There's no cross to find, I think." And there wasn't.

I cast about for another couple of bibles. Same result.

I ended up having to reminder her of the cross that sits on the table at church with her beloved bread and wine. The connection could have been firmly established between cross, bread and wine, and bible...alas.

Guess I'll have to find me a papist bible. With pictures.