Trinitarian Hoops

Thank you Lord for wise men willing to speak up!

Jason Whitlock of Kansas City Star and Page 2 fame explains why Candace Parker's little "dunks" against Army were such a terrible, ugly thing for basketball, and tells us how women's basketball can be beautiful in its own right.
...While it might be exciting to see Vince Carter hang on the rim and growl after an alley-oop dunk, I can guarantee you that no one wants to see Candace Parker do it. Consider it another one of those ugly double standards that you're better off embracing rather than fighting.

You know, it's sort of like how we find twisted humor in Shawn "Big Love" Kemp's romantic life, but wouldn't find it remotely funny if Serena Williams loved as freely.

Read the whole thing here. Even non-basketball fans should read it.