Something New

Starting today, The High Post brings to you an innovation in the world of blogs.

It's possible that the vast majority of blogs consist chiefly of links to other websites. Indeed, The High Post's content enjoys its own fair share of links elsewhere, with commentary we hope is more insightful than average in this wild-'n'-wooly frontier country called the Interweb. Also, you may be aware of something called a random link generator, which is designed for the amusement of- well, I can't really imagine who is amused by them, especially as they often link to dead pages.

In other words, until now you had to make a decision: either go where people are suggesting -- firmly, perhaps, with only a few lightly-veiled threats if you resist -- that you go, or go where a few lines of code spontaneously decides to send you. The first option gives you the pleasure of doing your friend's bidding knowing the fate that awaits; the second gives you the thrill of surprise (usually followed soon after by the frustration of closing another white window that says "404" in it).

We (or rather, Charles) at The High Post have decided to combine the best features of these two options. We now present to you The Daily Dazzle, in which you find a link with no commentary whatsoever. The link is to a page that found its way into one of the subfolders of my Favorites, usually the result of some bizarre Googling a long time ago. You have the anticipation, followed by suspense as the page loads, then the laughter mingled with befuddlement as you see what I was interested in at 1:05 AM a considerable time ago. You chuckle, then move on with your day.

Another innovation brought to you by The High Post.