Liberated, Free, Vigorous

Well, Venezuela has a new flag. The subtile and sophisticated ruler of Venezuela makes a delicate point by having the rampant white horse of the flag face left, instead of right. Chavez has said that the horse is now "free."

"The horse represents this historical moment in Venezuela. We now have a free and sovereign nation, and we needed to let the horse ride loose," Deputy Cilia Flores told Union Radio.

"If the Venezuelan people want to interpret the direction of the horse as a political message, fair enough."

And even more fantastically,

"The white horse is now liberated, free, vigorous, trotting toward the left, representing the return of Bolivar and his dream," said Chavez.
I love the wonderful use of "say it often enough and people will believe you" that Chavez has displayed over the years. Both Jesus Christ and Simon Bolivar turn out to have been Socialists, which really practically obligates me to be a disciple of this man. Alas that I am so far from him.

Here's a little pic of my favorite soccer player and my favorite dictator together, luxuriating in a little che-ness.