Crises Of Our Time

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal contains a few items that, were it not for that broadsheet's reputation, might have come from the pen of Angie Brennan. On the first page I learned that the Big Three automobile-stampers have more than 14,000 employees in a UAW "Job Bank" that allows them to receive full pay and benefits for doing volunteer work, taking classes (subjects range from crossword puzzle studies to playing Trivial Pursuit), or just doing nothing.

Then, I read Todd Buchholz's last-page review of Generation Debt: Why Now Is A Terrible Time To Be Young, by Anya Kamenetz -- it seems to be a general rant about how horrible it is to live in the world after Bill Clinton; pity the poor indebted college grads who don't get make much money or see any bennies at their vegan-catering jobs. Boo-hoo.

Finally, I turned to the section containing real estate news. Time for some manly, baronial, manorial stories, I thought. Alas. Britain, Old Blighty, faces a blight: "shopping-trip abandonment." A report from CB Richard Ellis Inc. states: "Shopping trip abandonment, the primary symptom of overcrowding, is endemic in Britain." The end must be near: shops are so full nobody wants to go shopping. Will the problems of our time never cease?