Holy Trinity Reformed Gets A Shepherd

The following is a new bishop alert.

Toby Sumpter (blog here) has accepted my church's call to our pastorate. Hooray. Toby, his lovely and fun-loving wife Jenny, and two tykes (one in utero) will arrive in June. We Swaits are hoping to be able to live near them.

The Sumpters were the first people I met in Moscow (or the Spokane airport). I gave Jenny a scare when she first met me; she was suddenly afraid that there wouldn't be enough food in the house.

When we first thought of moving to Moscow I had called the Sumpters because a dude at my church in Gainesville named Tony Cordova knew some folks up there from his high school days in Maryland. Apparently Jenny used to go over to Tony's apartment to cook for him and his roommates; I've been told she was practicing for marriage.

My sister, nee Jennifer Swait, is now Jennifer Cordova. Jenny Sumpter called Kimberly this past Friday, and the Cordovas were up here visiting. Jenny S. and Tony spoke for the first time in years, and the Cordovas are planning on coming up here this summer to visit with the Sumpters.

So we Swaits are eager to be reunited with family, that is, with our dear fombils ("friends-of-my-brother-in-law"), and friends in their own right.