Translation Request: HMS Spartan Makes Port Call In Rio

Here is an article in what appears to be faultless Portuguese about Her Majesty's redoubtable submarine Spartan (Cdr. Paul Halton) calling at Rio de Janiero.

What does it mean in English, and why is there that DSRV-like thing -- possibly a lockout -- abaft the fin on her 28-year-old casing (which is missing an anechoic tile or two, by the way)?

Incidentally, I note the Brazilians are polite enough to call them the "Ilhas Falklands" rather than some other terms I could mention.

Oh, and by the way, check out the discussion on the boards at Warships1! Some note how the world's two greatest technological powers seem to be having trouble making their tiles stick on these days, whilst the wag Meeware queries, "She's off arpound [sic] the world, popping in to rio for jollies and having all and sundry over for tea and cake, but has a cloaky daggery lock out box on the back....?"

Meantime, that sunny, ever-cheery, and extremely reliable publication Navy News summarizes the entire event. I love Navy News.

La Reunion -- now that's a safe place to send your nuclear submarine.