¡Que viva nuestro presidente Hugo Chávez Frías!

Our friend Hugo is at it again! Read his Christmas Eve speech. It turns out that the minority that controls the world's money and power is the Christ-killers: "The world has enough for all, of course, but it turns out that some minorities, the descendants of the same people who crucified Christ...have seized the riches of the world..." (LGF on it here)

It turns out that the way of Christ is the way of Simon Bolivar (that parallel is made explicitly in the speech)...both crucified by a nebulous "they" who hate the people, and who have a particular hate for "the first socialist of our era." (i.e. Cristo) If you're a Spanish reader, the PDF file the Little Green Footballs post points to is worth checking out.

And it will certainly cure most of any dalliances they might have had with Liberation Theology.