Who'll Take The First Watch?

Dhimmi Watch has an interesting post on the racial/religious aspects of the "riots" in Australia. Perhaps most interesting to me is the Australian newspaper's assumption that the "Lebanese youths" had intended to attack only the primarily white Uniting church, and attacked the Anglican and primarily Chinese church next door by mistake. St. Thomas' Anglican Church is a Christian church, and there is a significant, if not determinative, religious aspect to these fights/attacks. ("Kudos to the Aussies for fighting back.")

Gates of Vienna has a post on the rape of Swedish women by Muslim immigrants to Sweden. (Dymphna is working off a post from Norwegian blogger fjordman.) As both Dymphna's and fjordman's posts suggest, these are not racial conflicts, but religious. Unfortunately, most governments and mediaorgans either can't or aren't able to use the religious lense.

We've a long night ahead of us.