Off Into The Sea

An amazing photo of Portuguese fishermen entitled Na Saida, by one F. Monteiro.

You all will be ecstatic, I am sure, to discover that I finally updated the archives for this here blog. They're near the bottom of the sidebar. Where before readers were limited to posts from June 2004 through April 2005, they can now run the length and breadth of The High Post, July 2003 to the present. (Vanity side note: there are no comments at all in many of those months because I reinstalled my comment program and lost what we had. Not that there were many.)

Follow The High Post through its life and times. The beginning as a monovirato (although displaying duovirato tendencies), then the two-man show beginning with Rich's first post (although that was preceded by a post in which he said, and I quote: " wife and I will have...four years of marital adventure. I won't call it pefrect [sic] bliss..."). Already Rich displayed a tendency to make up for lack of frequency by going book-length with each post. Witness the emergence of the Triumphant Triumvirate, when the good ship High Post piped Ensign Charles Van Someren aboard. Or you could read his first "true Charles" post, in which he writes, of course, on the decline of the Royal Navy.

Or just enjoy the photo of fishermen above.