Full Bodied, Seductive and Powerful

And he knows a thing or two about wine, too. I speak of Doug Jones. His catechism in the latest Credenda bears reading, meditation, and use.

Further, we're listening to an Anglican Christmas service being done by a Scot. French toast and bacon is cooking on the stove. I'm sipping coffee. Alexander is sitting on my lap as I read to him Jones' questions.

If I could write poetry I would be inspired right now.

From the Jones' Catechism:

Question U: How, then, does God begin to draw us to His wedding?

Answer: At first, He pressed His face through matter,
His grin seen in whales, lions, ostriches,
that style shown in horses, locusts, marriage.

I know some in the PCA or out Moscow Way or elsewhere hold Leithart, Wilson and the crowd out there at careful length, and I understand that, I really do. But some preachers should read sermons by Spurgeon, Calvin and Edwards to their congregations until they can write their own sermons even better than theirs. Similarly the Christianity demonstrated in Moscow makes good attempts to hit on all cylinders. Its OK to imitate that until we can do better. In fact, for some of us, it might be a very good idea.