Minnesnowta Humor. You Bet.

James Lileks, formerly of the Pioneer Press, now of the Enemy Paper, writes a daily online column. He's famous for being a humor column, but either I'm jaded, or he isn't nearly as funny these days as he used to be when his witty remarks appeared once a week on Wednesday mornings in the left column of the Pioneer Press's "Express" features section.

(Ah! "Express!" How I miss thee!)

To save you all the trouble of wading through an especially dark column today, here is the funniest section:

Oh, it’s coming down now. Must be half an inch on the ground. Blizzard! By the modern wussified standards of this state, I suspect the schools will not only be closed tomorrow but razed, just in case. But while this is hardly a storm of note or consequence, it is unpleasant. The snow is hard and sharp. A good blizzard is thick and constant and confident. This one is petty and snide. It could be a blog comments page with two-line ripostes from drive-by snark merchants hiding behind fake yahoo accounts.