La Mano de Dios

Hey, click here to see a picture of cocaine-snortin', child-support renegin', shootin' at reporters, Che-tattooed Diego Maradona wearing a "bushitler" t-shirt. This is at the "alternative" trade summit we've been hearing so much about, where Hugo Chavez can rail at even greater length than usual against the U.S. Wow, look at all those friends Maradona has!

Oh, and click here to read about his sojourn in Cuba, where he truly became enlightened (and where he got his Che Guevara tattoo):

After his marriage broke up, he was frequently seen with teenage Cuban women, sometimes one on each arm.

Maradona tucked into steaks at a pool-side hotel restaurant that served Havana's best barbecued "parrillada" meat dear to his Argentine heart. "He ate like a barbarian and drank a lot, but never fell over," a waitress said.

Ah, yes, the pure white soul of anger and self-loathing.