Global South Anglican

I just discovered a fantastic new site called Global South Anglican. Well worth checking out. For now it's tracking the "3rd South to South Encounter," a meeting of the "non-Western" parts of the Anglican Communion.

Visit, and especially check out Archbishop Datuk Yong Ping Chung's The Church As One.
Commitment to this tradition means that we take the steps necessary to protect it. Fellowship at any cost cannot be accepted, especially on compromises which endanger the very basis of our communion with our Lord. Whether at the local or wider level, disciplinary actions (administered pastorally) are necessary as a witness to the integrity of the church. To those who have departed from the historic tradition and its ensuing discipline, they do well to be honest and leave the Church. It is not for us to shape the Christian tradition “into our image.”

Some trends on the ground have prevailed for too long and unchecked; it may be time for some positive action to redress this for the sake of the Church and the generations to come. In particular, we refer to the way our inherited Christian faith is being revised and reconstructed in many parts of the Communion. This is a complex issue and needs to be dealt with carefully, but some steps need to be taken to arrest the trend within some parts of the Communion, where secular and “progressive“ thinking patterns and presuppositions dominate to the point where faithful allegiance to the “faith once received” or any allusion to “orthodoxy” is increasingly being sidelined. The recent crisis related to sexuality issues is just a symptom of a deeply buried fault-line which exists within our Communion. The systematic efforts to revise the tradition of the Church needs to be recognise for what it is. Embracing them in pseudo-Christian language will only create a Trojan Horse scenario: of imploding the Church from within. Changes have penetrated some parts of our Church so deeply and for so long, that any meaningful communion and mission together have become almost impossible. Some parts of the Church have changed beyond recognition - to the point where the common witness with the People of God immemorial needs to be questioned.

While there are those who see the recent crises as signs of a ‘break-up,” there are many others who see it as a sign of an Anglican Renewal of her faith and mission within the wider Christendom and the world.
Plenty more to read of the above article (click here). Also tons of stuff from Archbishop Akinola.