Coarse Salt

This ol' boy just got back from a four-day trip to Atlanta for some company training. It was what you would expect: pretty good classes, TV and video games all night in the hotel room (Joel and I beat the Galactic Civil War section of Star Wars: Battleground), and missing the wife. Not tons of fun.

But the whole trip was well worthwhile because on Thursday night Joel and I went out with the Hyinks ( to Sal Grosso (i.e. Coarse Salt), a Brazilian barbecue place or churrascaria. You can visit the restaurant's website here. I haven't been to a churrascaria in a long time. The concept is, many cuts of meat on spits over open flame, waiters walk by with these cuts constantly, serving until you can't eat any more. I must have heard "More filet mignon, sir?" a dozen times. Now that's good living.

The only letdown was that they only serve chicken hearts on Sundays.

And to my Southern friends (and I name myself honorary Southerner), this explains why I've never been impressed by Southern barbecue. I mean, it's okay and all, but...there's no real comparison.