Chinese Concern

It's not surprising to find an article on the new U.S.-Bulgaria basing deal on XinHua, China's official news arm. Click here for that article.

Right now the United States has numerous small bases in South Asia, but those bases are subject to the volatility of the region. Bases in Bulgaria would extend America's reach from Europe into South Asia by a full 1,000 miles. Bulgaria southeastern border is shared with Turkey. Which is why
Washington aims to pull about 70,000 troops out of Germany and Asia in the next decade and is planning to create small, flexible bases in Eastern Europe.
The Chinese would be preoccupied with this because they are trying to step into the power vaccuums in South Asia left by the Soviets. They are also building up the capabilities of their navy and air forces. As China begins to build up her capability to project power, Cold War/Great Game type stuff is exactly where the conflict will be, for decades to come. So it will be important for the Chinese to know that their western front is just a hop, skip, and a jump away.