The Nursery Crimes Division

Yow! At long last the Greenville Public Library has picked up Jasper Fforde's newest novel, The Big Over Easy. Actually, I shouldn't say "at long last," since I believe the book was released last month.

Fforde is the author of the Friday Next novels, fantastic stories of Inspector Friday Next, who explores "literary crimes." When a character in a book decides he wants to change the ending of a story by murdering the protagonist, say, it's her job to dive in and fix everything up nice and neat. The books are funny, very smart, and mind-blowing. Now Fforde has begun a new series, the Nursery Crimes Division.

In The Big Over Easy, detective Jack Spratt (Jack is in a little bit of trouble with the department for having killed some giants) and Sergeant Mary Mary investigate the murder of Humpty-Dumpty. I am thoroughly enjoying the book, and urge you to pick it up and become a Jasper Fforde fan with me.

You can visit the Nursery Crimes Division here.