Ways To Make The Wife Mad

Yesterday I made my painter-wife a little grumpy by suggesting that painting might not always be a mainstay of visual art. Well, maybe I did more than suggest. Anyway, an interesting post from Nathan Gilder on the potentials of his chosen field, as he begins to work towards his doctorate.
Having gotten the books and read through them, I'm really looking forward to the math class. It's been years since I've taken an actual class for the subject, but discrete math is very intriguing because of it's ties to logic, history, and programming.

Discussing laws of logic as math concepts is a change from keeping them specific to the philosophical and theological realms where they were first introduced to me. It emphasizes the need to understand the integration of all subjects under the sun -- specifically the interrelations of art and science. I've been revisiting old books on the golden-rule, proportion, and the philosophy of mathematics that have been sitting on my shelves.
Click here for the post, and his nifty site. Anyone interested in digital visual arts, and especially in developing trends in the field, ought to visit his blog regularly. And ask him to spend more money on bandwidth, so that he can put his "Vessel of Wrath" animation up.