Just An Old-Fashioned Update, Comin' Down In Two-Part Harmony

Well, color me oblivious. I just noticed that Charles is writing his posts in black, and that mine are in white. Now that's clever.

And speaking of oblivion, it's high time those who love me knew what the heck is going on.

I am currently an assistant manager with Starbucks here in Greenville, and that's going great, although that's probably the last you'll hear about that, since I won't be writing about work here. Book selling continues, although I haven't been able to buy much recently.

I've managed to establish Texas 42, which is a domino game, as the church game. You here that, Phil? (Phil will be particularly interested to note the "angliterian" character of our new church) Beer is expensive here, because of vice taxes, and all sorts of weird little laws work toward the inhibition of imbibition in this state. So happy to be in the Bible belt!

I'm listening to Sufjan Steven's Illinois pretty much nonstop, and I've got one of my co-workers, the lead singer for southern California Christian punk band Slick Shoes, listening to it constantly as well. The fellow I'm speaking of is the one in the middle, with the ridiculous hair. He's my new beer buddy.

The wife is doing well, but is hankering to paint again. She recently pulled out a children's book she'd painted years ago. Renata loved it, pointing at the fish and birds Kimberly had painted in bright colors.

We celebrated Renata's second birthday this past Sunday. That was a blast. She's got about all the Dora the Explorer stuff she could possible handle.

That's purt-neer all the news that's fit to print.