Foreigners Concur

From the same sources as above, here are comments in a similiar vein from Americans, a Dutchman, and even a Frenchman.

To the people of London, our thoughts and prayers are with you. As a New Yorker I know first hand how you feel. Be strong and steadfast and hope for an end to all this senseless violence. United we stand.
Jack, New York, NY

I can only offer my prayers for the people of Great Britain right now, and most especially for the victims and their families. As one who considers England a close friend, I ache for you. I know the people of London have bravely weathered the German blitz and IRA bombs. If there is a city - if there are a people - who can withstand this senseless and futile form of terror, it is London and its residents.
George, New York City, USA

Yesterday, we were annoyed with Londoners and English people. London won the games and Paris lost them. And today we wake up. We realise that these little fights between old friends are for spoilt children. We are all facing a huge challenge. We have all to fight terrorism. We are all Londoners today. We all feel sad and share the pain of the one who are suffering today. Do not worry my friends, we will be with you in this fight and we will win it.
Julien, Paris, France

We are standing with you London. As you did for us. Stay united.
Mike, New York, USA

Just saw on the BBC the wonderful sight of London slowly trying to return to normal after an horrific day. Seems that, now a multi cultured London, just like 65 years ago takes this "on the chin".
Julien, Vlaardingen Netherlands