Why Spurs, That's Why

I must speak of two men.

The first is Robert Horry (here). Watching this man play basketball is like looking at a faberge egg. His game is small, limited even, but everywhere that it is, it is perfect. Or maybe he's like a perfect espresso pull: you can't leave it out there for a long time, but if you drink it in good time, it's smooth from beginning to end. And that man is cold-blooded. He hits those big shots (even if he should have been crashing the boards that Game 7 against Sacramento).

The second, well, the second is the man who's got more soul than any player in the current San Antonio-Phoenix series. A South American is showing everyone how basketball should be loved/played. Did you see Manu Ginobili take the ball behind his back against Amare Stoudamire? H'm. That man is so pure, so essential, so...soulful.

Man, you gotta love these guys. As fun as it is to watch Phoenix (and NASH! NASH!) push the ball up and down, I can't help but pull for men like Manu and Horry, who just know how to treat a basketball right...fast, slow, soft, tough, up, low, whatever, those guys got it.

Update: Yesterday Robert Horry, NBA vet of 13 years, who played power forward in the Western Conference during Karl Malone's heyday, called Manu "one of the craftiest guys ever."