Church History

There's a bit of a mystery happening at the Daily Sprout Trivia on this site (click on the brussels sprout in the sidebar), and circumstances are such that I thought I should detail my church history. We'll begin with the year of my birth:

1978-80: none, Brasilia
1980-84: Church of the Nazarene, Somerville, MA
1984-89: various Baptist and baptistic churches, in Rio, Belo Horizonte, and Sao Paulo, Brazil
1990: The Edmonton Community Worship Hour, Edmonton, AB
1991-92: The Lighthouse (AG), Berkeley, CA
1992-94: Zion Evangelical (former AG), Medford MA
1994-5: Faith PCA, Gainesville, FL
1995-97: Tower Road Baptist, Gainesville, FL
1998-2000: various, including Vineyard, Gainesville, FL
2000-02: Faith PCA, Gainesville, FL
2002-2003: Christ Church, Moscow, ID
2004-present: Faith PCA, Gainesville, FL

Holey moley, as the expression is. Anyway, there it is. Which of these former pastors do I share with ElderBill, and how do the 1980s work into this?

Update: My mother pointed out to me that I "did too go to church in Brasilia."