Remain At Action Stations

The hubbub about our upcoming move to North Carolina was kept to a minimum here at le High Post. This was because I figure folks don't want to know every little detail of our lives. Just the occasional sketch is all I'd really want from the folks I know, so that's what I give you all.

Still, the announcement was made far and wide here on the flat soil of G'ville (from the grasslands of Payne's Prairie to the oak-spotted pastures of Alachua) that we'd be leaving for the Hendersonville area in May.

No longer.

Plans for the gallery didn't work out, and my folks might not be moving to that area now. The big reason for heading there was to be near the kids' grandparents. No one knows where that might be now.

Believe it or not, Kimberly and I still plan on moving out of Gainesville...whither, we know not. We've decided to try to find space in a town with a CRE church; we'll see if that's within the Lord's providence for us. When you remember to, please pray for us. Interesting times are ahead.