PCA Sub-Cultures

Marion Clark, my former pastor, and current executive pastor at Phil Ryken's Tenth Presbyterian in Philadelphia, mentions this interesting article by Tim Keller on the different PCA cultures. It's a good article, well worth reading, especially if you're in the PCA. This link to the post at Marion's blog has an interesting (not weighty, just interesting) discussion going on in the comments under the post. My comment is a doofy wave ("Hi, Marion!" I'd just discovered his new blog), but it seems as if Tim Keller has commented a couple of times on the post.

An interesting part of Tim Keller's comments:
I think if I were writing the article today I'd break things down into more groupings. I think things are more fragmented than ever in the PCA. For example, I'd add 'Reformed-liturgicals' as another group--those putting much more emphasis on the sacraments.