I'm in Atlanta this morning, having met up with my dad here. Today we're heading to Hendersonville to make a highway in the wilderness for ourselves, we'll check out the town (as well as Asheville), check out some potential locations for the gallery.

The room we're in now is on the fourteenth floor of the hotel, what the bellhop informed me was the "high-rollers'" floor. The clients my dad is visiting are putting him up. Now, this is a nice hotel...but that's all it is. Let me just say it 'cause this has been bugging me since last night: if they really want to make me feel like a high-roller, they shouldn't have bottles of water in my room labeled "we invite you to enjoy this premium bottled water. A charge of $3 will apply." And they charged us $10 for internet access with le laptop. Now I'm not paying for any of this, but it's the principle of the thing. Sure, corporate accounts can handle this sort of thing, but the hard truth is, places like LaQuinta or BestWestern provide you with internet fo' free. Just a hard truth. But I'm over it now.

I know no one cares about the above, and it's cruel of me to subject you to it. Consider, for your comfort, what you have gained: you know I'm on the road, preparing for a big move. And if you love us, you are glad to know this.