Hey, You! Don't Touch That Bible!

For some time now, Renata has enjoyed taking the hymnals we use for evening devotions down during the day, opening them up, and "singing" in a mumbly 20-month-old kind of way. I've allowed her to do it, because she's generally very careful with books, and since she obviously enjoys it, I wanted to further the positive associations she has with our evening rituals.

Recently she decided she wanted to "do" more than just the songs. Up to now she's been free to take books from that shelf, but now I've had to crack down. During our devotions we also use a 1929 ASV Bible, and a PCUS 1925 pocket copy of the Westminster Confession of Faith (with Scripture references and quotes, which is cool); neither is valuable, and both are sturdy copies, but I somehow can't help from cringing when she opens the books with an enthusiastic "snap." So I've taken them away, and now she's sniffling.

I think her being a girl makes it harder for me to take. *sigh*