Ex Blackberro

Whilst viewing the ebullient gush coming from Neo-Con corners lately, I've been disturbed by a comparison recently made between our beloved President, AKA the OBP, and a certain statesman of yore past. While I don't want to diminish the accomplishments of our 43rd, I do want us to keep perspective on reality. The OBP is the ruler of the greatest power to stride across the globe. Comparing him to the second most powerful man in a confederation of confused states is disturbing, especially when the impact of the latter carries both a definitive and greater weight than the former.

If Bismark could engage in nation building for his own state, all the while keeping Germany's two great and ancient enemies not only at bay and from allying through a complex system of alliances, all while under pressure from being the number 2 guy in the land, The OBP's accomplishments are lessened. Even more, when the system of alliances finally failed after 25 years of the Kaiser's determined effort to undue them, Russia had grown so dependent on it that they offered concessions to return to them. Such actions would be similar to the states of Mongolia acting as a power broker between Russia and China.

Of course this is all part of the elevation of the Corpus Bushie. While we drool in our idolatry, let us remember the words of Bismark the Roman Centurian, "I too am a man under authority." Would that The OBP would be recognized as such.

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