Cartoon Nonsense

From cartoonist Jen Sorensen, published, among other places, in one of the local funky-cool-magazines (if you click on the quote, you can read the cartoon):

"Thank you for your letter. I could not disagree more vehemently. I will continue to support the execution of retarded grandmothers forever."

Of all the things to pick! Let us divide America with the broad and inaccurate brushes of liberal and conservative. Which of those two groups flirts with euthanasia (not just "right-to-death")? And which can be almost paranoically against ever unplugging people from life-support machines?

The ridiculous suppositions this chick and her ilk have...evil power-hungry killers: REDSTATERS! Grandma needs to be afraid of people in Kansas, but not of civilized folk like the Dutch.