One Big Sigh

Left early this morning from Gainesville for sunny Sarasota on a bookquest. I hit a library book sale, but was disappointed to find that it wasn’t a public library Friends of the Library type of thing; it was, instead, notorious New College’s library sale. Some of the more experienced book sellers were grumbling about the lameness of the sale. Sigh. I did find some interesting stuff, maybe the trip will be well worthwhile, depending on how things pan out on the pricing range. I found a nineteenth century Dutch Reformed Church psalter, and a book on Reformation era-Geneva published at the turn of the last century.

Could have been a fun trip…but now I’m stuck in a Ford dealership’s “customer lounge.” My wheel almost fell off today. I hunted for somewhere to pull into, and praise God (who answers prayer), I was able to pull my Taurus into this shop. Two of the bolts holding my wheel on had fallen off, and some stud had broken; I could feel that the wheel was about to fall.

I’m leaking money!

Grumpity, grumpity, grump, grump, grump. I hope to get home tonight, get some sleep. Or be woken multiple times by li’l Joffre. Either would be fine.