Saturday evening and it’s the end of a long, tiring time, and the beginning of a long, tiring time.

Many of you have heard that the girl we were expecting turned out to be my firstborn son, Joffre David Swait, Jr (“…wait a second, that’s not Mara!”). There’s no nifty significance to the name, since we didn’t get to craft this one from scratch. The only thinking to be done was whether he’d be Joffre Dan Swait III or Joffre David. One nifty aspect of his name is that he is Joffre, son of Joffre, son of Joffre, son of Joffre before him.

Kimberly rocked the birth, going without any pain medication at all this time around. Everyone’s healthy and energetic; when I snipped Joffre’s umbilical cord he grabbed the clipper and had to have his fingers pried off.

He’s not particularly long or heavy, just above average. His feet are large, however, and his hands are long n’ strong. He has spider-leg fingers, so he should make a decent ballplayer.

We just got back from the hospital today, and are pretty tired. Thanks very much for your prayers, and for spreading the word around. We wrapped our minds around the baby being a boy pretty quickly, but the idea of having a boy around is still a little unreal. We rejoice in having a boy (many of you will remember how much we wished for one the first time), and he should be big enough to beat all of your boys up. But only if necessary.

Praise God for this surprise. He is kind beyond expectation.