The Thin Robins of Spring

Hundreds of skinny red-breasted birds that Pastor Greer and I are pretty sure are robins (we're "pretty sure" 'cause we've never seen robins down here in Floridy, and they're pretty thin) have just landed on the north field of the church's property. They're skinny because every animal that ranges down here from cooler climes must be skinny. Florida has native buffalo, and they're skinny. Florida has black bear, and they're skinny. Florida has squirrels, and they clamber up palm trees looking like rats...even their tails are skinny.

Anyway, I guess the point is, it's spring down here. The robins are beautiful, the weather has been warm and sunny, and now the forecast seems to be for the Florida equivalent of April showers. I just want some cold!

I also wanted to post this picture of one of our elders, Bill Montgomery, holding his first grandchild. The girl's name is Niamh, which looks like what you'd say after having a tasty piece of pizza, but is actually pronounced "Nehv." The picture was taken by one of his sons over Christmas, and was just posted at that son's site.