The Coffee, At Least, Is Good

Here is a funny, funny video. Well executed!

You should watch the video before you read on.

I've begun reading Lords of the Golden Horn: From Suleiman the Magnificent to Kamal Ataturk. It has not been going through accounts of Suleiman's slaughters of hundreds of thousands of Christians, but one thing cannot be denied the early Ottomans. They may have been cruel on a level with the Mongols, but they were brave and martial.

The likes of them are not what the West faces today. The same desire to rule all the world by force is there, but not the willingness to fight face-to-face. The Suleimans of the world are killers and conquerors; the current Muslim threat is made up simply of killers.

Thinking along such lines makes the video above less laugh-aloud funny, but more worthwhile, somehow. Tariq Bin Zayid, Saladin, and Suleiman would, I think, be embarrassed.

Although I suppose that the gap between the first jihadists and the current crop is not as great as the gap between the Franks and French, or the gap between the Vienna of 1529 and the Vienna of today. At least each civilization has maintained and even increased its coffee virtuosity. Turkish coffee is excellent, and the Viennese serve strong, dark coffee with a touch of whipped cream on top.